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 Croxdale Fast Fit Darlington are located on North Road, you’ll see across the junction from the White Horse public house.


Our opening times are:


Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm

Saturday 8.30am to 3.00pm

What We Offer:


Your car or van service at Croxdale Fast Fit Darlington


Croxdale Fast Fit carry out servicing to virtually all makes and models of car. We use good quality parts and oils and due to our buying power we deliver you great quality service at a fair price to you.If your car is still under it's manfacturers warranty - look no further -we can help there too. For a small increase over our normal prices, we can service your vehicle exactly to the manufacturer guidelines using genuine parts, usually at a significantly lower price than the main dealer can offer. If you require a manufacturer service, just let us know when booking in.


Contact us to book in your service or click here to book it online. We'll show you exactly whats covered in each of our services for your peace of mind.


Read our servicing and MOT terms and conditions here



MOT Testing at Croxdale Fast Fit Darlington


Once your vehicle is 3 years old, it will require, by law, to have an M.O.T. Test once a year.

Contact us to book your MOT test, or click the button below to book your MOT test online for a special website-only price of £30.00 (VOSA MOT RRP £54.85)

For an even greater saving, your MOT Test is only £25.00 when booked in with a service! See our service and MOT combined prices here.



Tyres at Croxdale Fast Fit Darlington


Croxdale can repair or fit tyres while you wait.We supply and fit tyres to suit all budgets and vehicles, from entry level budget tyres through the mid range to high specification and quality brand tyres. You can also price and choose your tyres online using our fantastic tyre finder by clicking here.



Exhaust fitting at Croxdale Fast Fit Darlington


Croxdale can offer an exhaust rear silencer and tailpipe supplied and fitted from only £39.95 For an exhaust quote for your car, contact us or use the form at the bottom of this page.

A healthy exhaust system is critical if you are to maintain the health and welfare of the vehicle occupants, a quiet smooth running engine and optimum fuel efficiency. We carry out a visual inspection of the exhaust and catalyst system as part of our Croxdale RoadSafe Report. If you suspect you may have a problem with your exhaust and would like us to check it out, simply get in touch.



Clutch fitting at Croxdale Fast Fit Darlington


Croxdale Fast Fit can fit supply and fit a new clutch from as little as £130.00. To get a specific quote, simply contact us.
We will carry out a free operational check of your clutch upon request, and will report back with our findings. If your clutch is indeed the problem, we would offer you a competitive quote for renewal. If you suspect you have a problem with your clutch, or would simply like the operation checked, get in touch with us using the below form or call your nearest branch, we'll come back to you.



Brakes at Croxdale Fast Fit Darlington


Croxdale carry out a comprehensive free brake check as part of the our Road Safe Report. Contact us on the form below or call us and we'd be more than happy to check them out for you.


Batteries at Croxdale Fast Fit Darlington


Contact us if you'd like your free check of your battery and alterator operation.Croxdale offer a wide range of batteries, to suit different vehicles and budgets.Croxdale can carry out upon request a battery capacity check and alternator charging check.


Timing or Cam Belt changes at Croxdale Fast Fit Darlington


To book your free check, get a timing belt change quote, or simply to find out your interval, contact us.

When it comes to car servicing, timing belt/cambelt replacement is without doubt the most important serviceable component of a car’s engine.When comparing the cost of a timing belt/cambelt change in comparison to repairing the damage that a failure can cause, the question of whether to change your belt really does answer itself. We recommend that you follow your change interval, but don’t foget the belt itself is made of perishable material, so if you have any doubts about the condition of the belt itself get us to check it out.We always recommend fitment of a timing belt which includes tensioners and pulleys. (where applicable)


 If you head any unusual noise coming from the engine area, call us and make an appointment for a free check.


General repairs at Croxdale Fast Fit Darlington


As well as being carry out a comprehensive service and MOT Test, we can also carry out most vehicle repairs. Can you hear a strange noise when driving? Is the vehicle not driving as it should be? Or have you simply a bulb out? Our skilled team of technicians are equipped to help solve virtually any problem with your car. Just contact us using the below form. We will carry out a detailed inspection your vehicle, free of charge, and report the fault as well as anything else we feel you need to be made aware of.

Contact us now on 01325 389000 or email us at