Tips for keep your car looking and smelling fresh this summer

Tips for keep your car looking and smelling fresh this summer

All eyes will be on weather forecasts in the coming weeks, with the nation eager to make the most of every nice day. However, the drier weather and the increased mileage will make it more challenging to keep your car clean. Fortunately, Croxdale Fast-Fit has several simple tips to keep your car looking and smelling fresh.


Cleaning the inside of your car

Clean the air conditioner – An array of particles can collect in your air conditioner (AC), only to be blown around and cEating inside the carause bad smells. Fortunately, you can order an affordable AC air refresher and follow the instructions provided. These typically require you to spray the refresher in the exterior and interior AC vents.


Remove all dust – Now that the AC vents have been cleared, it is time to remove all remaining dust from your car’s interior, as allergies can be aggravated in summer. Start by vacuuming all interiors inside the car before shampooing the carpets.


Get an air freshener – Invest in a high-quality air freshener and you can keep your car smelling amazing all through summer. Better yet, pick a fragrance that reminds you of summer, such as a floral scent.


Avoid eating inside – Drive-through restaurants like McDonald’s or Burger King can be extremely tempting on long road trips, but you should avoid eating inside your car as the smell clings to fabrics.


Cleaning the outside of your car



Clean your car regularly – The dry summer months will exposure your car to more dust than at other times of the year. Another issue is that the dirt will be more visible because of the higher levels of sunlight. Plan routine washes to ensure your car sparkles in sunlight.


Maintain screen wash – Dust and bugs will make your screen incredibly dirty, so make sure to top up your screen wash regularly. You don’t want to be caught out on longer trips.


Cover your car – Summer temperatures can soar in many parts of the country, exposing your paintwork to heat and sun damage. An affordable car cover will help to avoid this if you don’t have a garage.


Check coolant levels – Make a weekly check to ensure coolant is between the minimum and maximum marks. Coolant is vital to prevent your engine overheating during summer and will safeguard against long-term damage.

Croxdale Fast-Fit is here for all car servicing needs in the North East, whether you simply want to pop in for your free vehicle health check, or book in for your MOT! Please feel free to call any of our 7 branches!

Posted on Wednesday, June 08, 2016

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