What is an MOT and why do I need one?

What is an MOT and why do I need one?

An MOT test (the MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport) is essential for all vehicles over three years old and is a legal requirement. If your vehicle is coming up to a year since its last MOT, it is very important to get it booked in for one – to keep the ‘anniversary’ of the test, it can’t be booked more than a month ahead, but better too soon than too late, as it is strictly against the law to drive a car with an expired MOT. There is one exception to this – if your MOT has expired, you are allowed to drive it to the test centre, but that is all.

What an MOT is and what it isn’t

An MOT is a test of roadworthiness on the date of the test. It isn’t a guarantee of any kind that the vehicle is in good condition. The MOT doesn’t check everything, so don’t be fooled into thinking that an MOT pass means the vehicle will not give you any problems in the near future. Your garage will not correct any issues your car may have unless you specifically ask them – remember, an MOT is not a service. If you are able to, it is a good plan to check your car over for any obvious faults before you take it in for its MOT. If you find anything amiss, you can then get it sorted before the test, saving yourself retest fees and other expense.

What is checked?

The MOT is a safety check, so all of the issues which may make a vehicle a danger on the roads are covered. This includes all the obvious things, such as brakes, tyres, lights, seat belts etc. but also checks things that you might not expect such as the level in the screen wash bottle and the state of windscreen wipers. It makes sense for any car owner to keep their vehicle in good condition and most of the elements of the MOT should be on the list of things to do regularly. About the only things that it is not really feasible for the owner to check are corrosion and emissions. Corrosion is a very subjective thing but garages have detailed guidelines to follow. Emissions of course can only be checked by a registered MOT centre like ourselves.

If you’d like to book your MOT, please feel free to contact us! fastfit@croxdalegroup.com

Posted on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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