What to Watch Out For, For a Healthy Vehicle

What to Watch Out For, For a Healthy Vehicle

As your vehicle ages over the years, like anything, it becomes more and more likely to inherit a few issues along the way. Some of which are seen quite commonly at Croxdale Fast Fit. Which is why it is important to make sure that every so ofter you give your trusty vehicles a quick look over to make sure that it’s still in good condition, and avoid the need to call your nearest Croxdale Fast Fit branch. 

Take a look at some of the most common car repair issues that we see at Croxdale and how you can avoid them and any big bills that accompany them.

Brake Repair

Making sure that your brakes are fully functional when on the road a lot is probably the most important thing to make sure of. A fully working braking system distributes the right amounts of braking force to each wheel and will, therefore aid stable and secure braking, as well as being a requirement to pass your vehicles MOT test.

Pay close attention to your brakes when driving for any changes in the way the vehicle feels or sounds, as squeaking or scraping noises can be a good indicator to get your brakes checked by a technician.

Tyre Repair or Replacement

Regularly checking your tyres for tread depth can be the best indicator to help you determine if your wheels have become misaligned or if they are wearing at an uneven rate. Not only could this be dangerous for your car, but also for yourself and other drivers on the road as you’re reducing the amount of grip your tyres can achieve on the roads - it could also decrease your fuel efficiency. 

While the team at Croxdale Fast Fit can help you prevent unnecessary flats through regular tyre rotation and visual inspections, we know that it’s easy to run over a nail or hit the curb at just the wrong angle, but doing your best to avoid these hiccups on the road can be the key to avoiding the cost of tyre replacement or realignment.

Clutch Replacement

Whether you've started hearing noises when changing gears, or something just doesn’t feel right, your clutch is one of those car repairs that can’t wait and should be seen to as soon as you can. Croxdale’s trained technicians can conduct a comprehensive check of your clutch system to check for any issues and put your mind at rest. Get in touch with us using our online form or call your nearest branch, and we'll get back to you.


If you’ve started experiencing persistent battery problems and dim headlights when your engine is idling, you could have a fault with your alternator, which should be checked over by an experienced technician. 

Have you experienced any of the issues we have listed above or are experiencing other issues that you would like to checked over to put your mind to rest? Get in touch with the team at your local Croxdale Fast Fit to book your vehicle in for a free health check. We have branches in Durham, Chester-le-Street, Newton Aycliffe, Consett, Gateshead, Darlington and Gateshead and Sunderland open.

Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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