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5 Tips to Lower Your Driving Costs

When it comes to maintaining a healthy car and paying for insurance, fuel, repairs and so much more, it can become a pricey affair. So take a look at your vehicle expenses - and take a look at some things we think will help you lower them.

Here are 5 top tips and suggestions to help you slow down your vehicle bills.

5. Carry Out Regular Checks

Some checks can be performed without the help of a Croxdale Fast Fit technician. Make sure you check your oil and coolant levels on a regular basis. Identifying and fixing any leaks will help you to protect your car’s engine. Check all lights are functioning Pay attention to tyre pressure and condition too.

If you find any issues with anything we mentioned or would feel more comfortable with the help of a professional, contact Croxdale Fast Fit for a FREE vehicle health check, which covers all these points plus much, much more.

4. Plan Your Routes

If you’re planning a trip somewhere, plan your route carefully. If you end up covering more miles than you need to, this just means your burning unnecessary fuel and bills. Make sure you know the best route is next time you take a trip to minimise your use of fuel, shorten journey time and save some cash.

3. Don’t Ignore Warning Lights

Warning lights are in your car for a reason. But more and more people put off their warning light for just too long that the original problem could have gotten worse. So when it comes to any warning lights make sure to address your, drivers manual, and contact Fast Fit for advise, or a Health Check at your nearest Croxdale Fast Fit Autocentre.

2. Drive Efficiently

Increase the life of your vehicle by diving more efficiently. You can do things like

  • Braking in good time when coming to a stop rather than braking harshly,

  • Slow down when turning corners,

  • Try not to catch kerbs when pulling up or turning corners, which can damage wheel alignment.

Take a look at how you drive and see if there's anything you can change to get more life out of your vehicle.

1. Don’t Ignore Warning Lights

Our number 1 top tip is to make sure you look after your vehicle correctly. This can include simply staying on top of the servicing and MOT schedule, helping you avoid running into big bills further down the line and helps identify any potential issues and keep you safe on the road.

Ignoring servicing could mean incurring additional maintenance expenditure over time. Contact your nearest Croxdale Fast Fit Autocentre to book your vehicle in for it’s MOT or Service with one of our friendly vehicle technicians.


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