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Vehicle Health Check

What does the road safety report involve?

Croxdale Fast Fit can carry out a Road Safety Report while your vehicle is in our care. We carry out a 30 point inspection of your vehicle to highlight any areas that you need to be aware about that may present unnecessary and unexpected expense in the future. The report helps to ensure we continue to look after the best needs of you, our valued customer. The safety of you, your passengers and other road users is our utmost priority!

Why and when should I book in for my road safety report?

Pop into any branch and we’ll always do our best to book you in ASAP. You can leave the vehicle with us while we carry out the check, which usually takes around 30 minutes.

What is covered during my Road Safety Report?

Depending on the age, condition and type of vehicle, we will carry out up to 30 checks to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive on the roads. This covers components inside the car, under the bonnet, underneath the vehicle, the tyres and wheels, and the mandatory lights.

The price of the vehicle health check is £39.99 - this is removed from your bill if you have £50.00 or more of work to be carried out.

Want to book in for your vehicle health check? Click the 'Enquire Now' button at the top of the page to book in online today. If there's anything, in particular, you'd like us to investigate, please tell us about it in the comments box of your enquiry.