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How often should I have my exhaust checked/replaced?

Exhaust systems can be checked on your vehicle service or as part of our Vehicle Health Check. Even though we only repair your vehicle using the best quality components, it is not unknown for an exhaust to fail between services, depending on the age of the vehicle. If you have any doubts, simply contact us and we’ll take a look for your peace of mind.

How do I know if my exhaust needs replacing?

Sometimes, there are no warning signs. However, poor engine performance or a decrease in fuel efficiency can signal a failure. This can lead to your car spitting out smelly fumes or becoming noisy.

Exhausts are classed as a ‘wear and tear’ or a ‘consumable’ item. Some of which have a very long lifespan, others, on the other hand, may have a relatively short lifespan. This is down mainly to the quality of the components, or of course how the vehicle is driven. Different weather conditions can also have an effect on your exhaust, as metals can corrode over time and the vehicle can become exposed to water ingress.

Why do I need my exhaust replacing?

Exhausts play an important part in directing the flow of gases and fumes safely to the rear of the vehicle. A failing exhaust, apart from being noisy, can also mean unpleasant gases and fumes enter the cabin. These could be dangerous to inhale, never mind unpleasant to smell, etc. If the exhaust cannot safely control the emissions within a set of parameters, it could also lead to an MOT failure.

How long does it take to repair?

This can differ widely. A relatively simple rear exhaust section could be replaced in a matter of minutes – but a full system including catalytic converter could take much longer. There are so many different variations of engine setup, never mind the condition of the existing exhaust and fixings that can affect the time taken to replace. However, we will always ensure that whatever the job, we do it correctly and in good time.