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Vehicle & Car Repairs

Alongside being able to carry out comprehensive servicing and MOT Tests across our 6 garages in the North East, we are also able to carry out most vehicle repairs for you.

Our skilled team of technicians are equipped to help solve virtually any problem that arises with your car - and if you catch it soon enough, we’ll probably be able to repair it for you before it becomes a big expensive issue (which is why we always encourage you to pop over for regular servicing or to receive a health check).


If your brakes are feeling weak, (you feel like you are pressing your pedal down too far before you feel the vehicle slow), resistant or prone to vibration or noise you might have low or contaminated brake fluid, worn brake pads or a bad brake disk, meaning you need the experts at Croxdale to take a look at each component carefully to figure out the issue and get you back on the roads as soon as possible.


Battery faults are a common cause of breakdown, particularly in poor or seasonal weather so it's definitely worth getting it checked, recharged or replaced as soon as you feel like it is having trouble getting started on a morning before a dose of coffee!

For any issues you think that you are currently experiencing, just contact us using the below form. We will carry out a detailed inspection of your vehicle, free of charge, and report the fault as well as anything else we feel you need to be made aware of so we know you’re safe in your vehicle.


If you don’t regularly check your tyres for tread depth, you won’t know if your wheels are misaligned or if they are wearing at an uneven rate. Not only could this be dangerous for your car, but also for yourself and other drivers on the road as you’re diminishing the degree of grip your tyres can achieve on the roads - it could also decrease your fuel efficiency.

Pollen Replacement Filter

The pollen filter in a vehicle is an important component to make sure that any dust, pollen or other fine pollutants are caught instead of being distributed into your vehicle. It is recommended to change your pollen filter every 12,000 miles or once a year. Take a look at the below video for a better look at our pollen filter replacement process.


Fixing common car issues across our six garages at Croxdale Fast Fit.  

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