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Why do I need an MOT?

When your vehicle reaches its third birthday, you’re required by law to complete your MOT test once a year in order to make sure that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition, which is essential in ensuring the safety of you, your passengers, and your vehicle as well as other road users. As long as your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards and level of exhaust emissions, you’ll be allowed to drive your car.

It is against the law to drive without an MOT.. unless you’re driving to get your car’s MOT, of course! You should always carry your MOT certificate as if your vehicle is involved in an accident you may be asked to produce your MOT certificate - insurance claims can also be affected if you lack your MOT especially in the case that injury occurred. It’s recommended that you keep your MOT certificate in a safe place, as although there’s an electronic copy of the certificate made that is used for any driving offences, you will need this if you are thinking about selling your car. The Government website allows you to check a vehicle MOT status by entering the registration of that vehicle. It will tell you the MOT due date and also show history of previous MOT tests.

You can have your vehicle MOT test completed up to 28 days in advance of its due date.

What happens if my vehicle fails an MOT?

If you fail your MOT, we will issue you a VT30 certificate. The VT30 is a breakdown of the items or components that have failed to meet the minimum safety standards, so that you know which components need repairing. If you’re able to leave your car with us Croxdale Fast Fit will repair the failed components for you, and we’ll carry out a free MOT retest as long as it is done within 10 working days of the initial MOT.

Where can I get an MOT?

Croxdale Fast Fit can carry out MOT tests in Darlington, Sunderland, Consett, Newton Aycliffe, Chester Le Street and Durham. We have VOSA approved MOT testing stations in all of the above North East Autocentres.
We also provide Class 7 MOT testing in Durham, Chester Le Street and Newton Aycliffe branches. *** Please note -Class 7 MOT Tests have an additional cost - please enquire at the branch when booking***

How much does an MOT cost?

The VOSA RRP for an MOT is currently over £54.00 but we usually offer a customer loyalty discount on this price - contact any of our branches to book your MOT test, or click the button at the top of the page to book your MOT test online for a special website-only price of £45.00 (VOSA MOT RRP £54.85). *** Please note -Class 7 MOT Tests have an additional cost - please enquire when booking***

Find out exactly what is covered in an MOT in our blog post!

Is your vehicle due an MOT? Select the “Learn More” button at the top of the page or give your local branch a call today! We’d be more than happy to help!