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Drive Safely This Summer Half Term

Most of the time, unsafe driving conditions are usually associated with driving in the winter and on wet or icy roads. Yet we surprisingly hear about just as many accidents on the road in the summer as we do in winter. Even the smallest act of prevention can go a long way in making yourself and other drivers safer on the road. So what can you do to minimise your risk of getting into an accident?

Lesser experienced drivers on the road.

With an increase in newly passed and younger drivers, not only does this add to the number of vehicles on the road but the difference of more inexperienced drivers can make for more reasons to drive with caution.

Bikes, Motorcycles & Pedestrians.

With the sunshine blaring over the last few weeks, we've seen more and more people using other means of transport that takes advantage of the nice weather for them but causes other hazards for you. So take a second to put down your sun visor to avoid any glare that will keep you from seeing bike riders and pedestrians on the road.

Checking Tyres

Doing this simple task can help increase your petrol mileage and decrease the chance of you having a surprise breakdown on your travels. So take the time to have a quick look over your tyres and make sure nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Sometimes visual problems with the tyres such as low tread can be easy to spot, but sometimes it a bit more difficult, so pop into your local Croxdale Fast Fit Autocentre to get one of our professionals to take a closer look at them when the vehicle is up on the ramps.

Before heading out on the road, let Croxdale Fast Fit make sure your vehicle is road-ready. Checking your battery life, fluids, tyre pressure and so on, can go a long way in keeping you on the road.

Take some time to plan to have routine maintenance done before heading out on your next trip.

Taking the time to plan a bit of vehicle maintenance will keep you rolling along the road this summer half term and will significantly reduce the chances of a breakdown or accident.

Make sure your vehicle is operating at its best! Visit our experienced team at one of our 6 garages across the North East at Croxdale Fast Fit. For service built on trust, book online.


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