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National Tyre Safety Month

National Tyre Safety Month

Tyre Safety is important all year round - but in October, we focus on National Tyre Safety Month, and during the month motorists across the country are encouraged to look at their tyres to make sure they are in good health. Drivers who drive without healthy tyres run the risk of having an accident on the roads or even being fined.

The team here at Croxdale Fast Fit have put together some points which include information, advice and general tips which can help you maintain healthy tyres this national tyre safety month.

Why is tyre safety important?

When you think about how your tyres are the only point of contact you have with the road, people realise how important it is to have tyres which are roadworthy.

How often should tyres be checked?

Ideally, you should try and check the tread as well as the overall condition of your tyres at least once a week, or before any long journeys. Some of the main things to take a look at is your vehicles tyre pressure, tread depth, or any damage which may cause danger on the roads.

What’s the minimum legal tread depth - and what does it mean for me as a driver?

1.6mm is the lowest legal tread depth allowed across the centre 75% of the surface of your tyres.

Anything less than this is under the legal limit. The less tread you have the less control you’re likely to have of your vehicle, especially when driving in wet weather conditions.

The 20p tread Depth Test

As well as meaning potentially reduced tyre performance, you could then also run the risk of picking up Police fines and/or points on your licence. It simply isn't worth it from both a safety and legal point of view.

What can i do next?

Simply allow us to help you. Our trained tyre technicians to give your tyres a thorough check over. Book your vehicle in for a Tyre Safety check at your local Croxdale Fast Fit Autocentre. We have centres in Darlington, Newton Aycliffe, Croxdale Durham, Chester Le Street, Consett and Sunderland - so there's a centre not far from you!

Click here to see our branch details including address and phone numbers - but also our contact form - we'll respond as soon as we can and get you booked in.

Drive safely out there!


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