Check Your Air-Con This Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

Check Your Air-Con This Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

The last week or so has been a particularly hot and sticky one when you compare it to your typical British weather. So if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of trying to turn on your air conditioning after entering your sauna of a vehicle only to greeted with nothing but more warm air hitting your face... you could be in for an uncomfortable journey.

But never fear, your local Croxdale Fast Fit Autocentre is here to recharge your air-con and keep you cool this air conditioning appreciation day for this and many more summers to come! But how do we do this? Why does your vehicle’s air-con need recharging and why is it not working as it should be?

If your air-con fails to operate properly or as you’d expect it to, it could be the result of a lack of refrigerant or gas (which flows through your system to help make air colder), which after years of use could have depleted leaving little to no refrigerant left to properly supply cool air into the cabin.

However, while the low refrigerant is often the most common cause of a faulty air-conditioning unit, there are other reasons why your air-con system is under-performing.

If, or when, it comes to needing an air-con system recharge, this is done by removing any of the under-performing refrigerants still in your system and any remaining moisture. The old components are then replaced completely with new a refrigerant. We can recharge your refrigerant and any other components whilst also carrying out an inspection on the condition of some of the other components as part of the check. The air conditioning ‘regas’ process usually takes up to 45 minutes and can be done whilst you wait.

Our Chester Le Street and Durham branches can carry out the air-conditioning work for you.

If your air conditioning system can’t keep you cool in hot weather or if your windscreen is misted up in winter then it is time for a service or health check to make sure you're getting the most our of all the parts and components in your vehicle! Get in touch with the team at Croxdale Fast Fit Chester Le Street or Durham using our online contact form, phone us using the numbers provided at our contact page or at the top of our website!

Or, drop into our Chester Le Street or Durham Croxdale Fast Fit branches and we’ll see if we can fit you in.

Posted on Wednesday, July 03, 2019

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