Brake Problems That Could Cause Danger On The Road

Brake Problems That Could Cause Danger On The Road

Your brakes play a vital role when it comes to keeping you safe on the roads. Because of this, it’s really important to make sure that you keep your brakes in the best condition possible and start to recognise when or if your brakes start behaving strangely.

This means being aware of the warning signs that come with problems regarding your brakes. To make sure you are up to speed on the topic, we’ve put together a list to help you identify any potential issues.

Low Pedal.

This happens brake pedal nearly touches the floor before engaging, making the pedal feel really weak – this can signify that there is a loss of pressure in the braking system – a possible fluid leak or low level? – Let us check it out and advise!


Designed to be durable and robust, brake disks do eventually wear down after a large amount of use. If your brake pads experience too much wear they can become unsafe. Because of the role your brake disks play when you press the brake pedal it’s not unusual to require replacement brake disks and pads at least during the time you have your vehicle.


Squealing brakes can be a key indicator that something’s not right with your brake system and might need to be checked to make sure your braking system is in good health.

If you're concerned about your squealing brakes system you can contact the team at Croxdale Fast Fit for advice and to take a look at your vehicle to quickly establish the cause of the squealing and fix it before it has a chance to get any worse.


When components like brake pads aren't replaced after a long period of time they wear down too much and, if the material of the brake pads wears down severely, you can end up with a ‘metal to metal’ scenario.

This occurs when the metal cover behind the brake pad meets the actual brake disc itself and results in a very prominent grinding and vibration. You should be able to tell when this is happening because the vibration can often be felt through the brake pedal and steering wheel. This will also mean your brake functionality has significantly reduced which can be dangerous – especially in unfriendly weather conditions!

Making sure your vehicle is serviced regularly can help you to avoid any issues with your brakes, keeping your and other drivers safe on the road and giving you peace of mind, 

You can book a FREE vehicle health check or full inspection online.


Posted on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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