Driving In the Dark

Driving In the Dark

Here at Croxdale Fast Fit, we’ve seen first hand how driving in the dark can pose extra challenges and can be more dangerous. So make sure you keep yourself, and others on the road, safe with some top tips.

Keep Your Windows Clean

Take the time to de-mist and remove all condensation from your vehicle before setting off anywhere. Winter time and cooler nights are notorious for bringing foggy car windows with them. Especially in darker nights, it is important to make sure that all of your vehicle is fully de-misted and windows are clear.


So, keep your windows clean with a microfibre cloth and avoid the increased glare and misty windows that come with this time to year. Also, if you can, dim your dashboard lights and reduce reflections and avoid reducing your night vision.

Don’t Dazzle Other Drivers

Have you ever heard the saying “do unto others as you would have done unto you?”. Well, this is the perfect way of explaining this tip. When you’re on the roads make sure to keep your lights dipped to avoid dazzling other drivers.


But this doesn’t only apply to your front lights but your back too. When at traffic lights or in traffic do the person behind you a favour and take your foot off the brake and apply the handbrake, to avoid dazzling them with bright red lights. 


Make sure all your lights are properly working and lighting up your travels. If you think your lights could do with a check or replacement, book a FREE 30 point inspection where we’ll check over your vehicle lights, tyres, brakes and much more.


Maintain a Healthy Vehicle

There's nothing worse than breaking down or experiencing an issue with your vehicle in the dark when visibility is limited. Make sure you maintain a healthy vehicle. If your due an MOT book your MOT. If you’re due a service, get your service booked in. If you have any general repairs that could make driving in the dark safer, get them seen to.


The team at Croxdale Fast Fit can make sure that your vehicle is fully serviced and ready for the dark nights.

Posted on Monday, November 26, 2018

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