Show Your Car Some Love This Valentines Day

Show Your Car Some Love This Valentines Day

It’s February, the month of Valentine’s Day when love is in the air, the perfect time to spend some extra special time with the one we love. The one who is always there for us. They’re dependable, sturdy and selfless; dutifully keeping us safe, in comfort and warmth helping us on our everyday journeys to whichever destination we desire. We’re here to tell you the 3 best ways to spend some extra time this month to show your car some love this Valentine’s Day.

Working on the little things.

If you’re beginning to notice (or have noticed) a few little issues arising with your vehicle that didn’t use to be there before – If the windscreen wipers are looking a little worn out or the headlights aren’t lighting up like they used to, taking the time to resolve these small issues will help your vehicle keep you safe.

Listen to what they’re telling you.

When something is wrong, your vehicle will tell you. Try not to ignore the lights on your dashboard when something lights up. This means that something is wrong and needs your attention to resolve to help your vehicle stay reliable and safe. After all, maintenance is key to a healthy relationship.

Make sure that all of the things that you appreciate about your vehicle are kept in healthy working condition. From working air conditioning to fully functioning and effective brakes, if you make sure to listen when your car is trying to tell you something, you’re sure to have a happy and healthy relationship that’ll go the distance and stand the true test of time.

Not sure what one of the symbols that have appeared mean or aren’t sure how to resolve it? Make sure to refer to your user manual or pop into your local Croxdale Fast Fit auto centre, and we’ll help you resolve any issues.

Give them time for themselves.

Every now and then it can all get too much for your vehicle. Things may stop working properly, or you might start to notice it acting unusual. Make sure to give your vehicle the time it needs to recover with a FREE health check from Croxdale Fast Fit. We can provide you with a thorough 30 point inspection of your vehicle to help highlight any areas that you might need to be aware of that may present unnecessary and unexpected expense in the future.

Book your vehicle in at for its FREE health check, service or MOT if it’s due, at any of our branches in, Durham, Newton Aycliffe, Chester-le Street, Consett, Darlington, Gateshead or Sunderland.

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2020

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