Standard Tyres vs Winter Tyres

Standard Tyres vs Winter Tyres

Something that more and more people start to consider this time of year is when or whether or not they need to be putting winter tyres on their vehicle as the icier months quickly approach.

But what's the difference between "winter tyres" and your more typical everyday standard tyre?

Regular Tyres

For most of the year when weather isn’t too hot or too cold resulting in icy or slippery roads, your tyre is a good general solution. There are many brands available to suit all budgets. Quality can vary, some will offer more outright grip, some will be quieter. However, standard tyres are not specifically designed to be able to work especially well in cold and icy and snowy conditions – this is where Winter Tyres come in.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are specifically designed to work differently to ‘normal’ tyres in wintery conditions. The rubber compound they are manufactured from works better in colder conditions – and it’s physical design differs by having a deeper tread depth as well as wider and deeper, usually jagged groves called sipes, which form a larger channel for snow and water to travel through, allowing you to keep more control in poor conditions. These additional sipes, combined with the more flexible compound of rubber - are designed to dig in and pick up the snow or ice, then to throw it back out as the wheel rotates, so that it can dig in again next time round. This contrasts with standard tyres, where the snow and ice would generally tend to stick inside the sipes and create a more smooth surface area, resulting in less ability to grip again as the wheel rotates.

The difference is quite noticeable when driving in winter conditions, the winter tyres feel more sure footed and simply offer more grip during acceleration, cornering and braking – resulting a more controlled driving experience and therefore a safer journey.

Winter tyres are most effective in keeping you safe in temperatures under 7 degrees Celsius - ideal for the Autumn/Winter and early Spring months in the UK. Croxdale Fast Fit typically recommend (and regularly do) change onto Winter Tyres in October/November and changing back to ‘regular’ tyres in March / April.

Another benefit of having a set of winter tyres, is that your standard tyres are not getting worn during this period, so you may extend their life for a while longer when it comes to refitting them next year.

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Croxdale FastFit Tyre Finder 

Thanks to Croxdale’s tyre finder system, we’ve made it easier for all our customers to find the right tyres for your vehicle. Winter tyres are available in most popular sizes – just look out for the winter tyre name in the description. You can book when are where you want to have them fitted. Our tyre finder system is designed to be more user-friendly by making the overall booking process easier and allowing customers to find your tyres by entering your vehicle's registration.

Book your vehicle’s tyres at our online booking system.

If you have any questions, are looking to purchase tyres, or need any other automotive repairs or advice, we’d be more than happy to help you out! Come by Croxdale Fast Fit, call your nearest Croxdale Fast Fit autocentre, or contact us here. You’ll be glad you did!

Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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